Coronary Care Unit


Seasoned doctor with a demonstrated record of accomplishments in skilled patient evaluation, diagnostics and treatment planning to assist patients with controlling symptoms, improving health and making healthier choices Proficient in internal concerns such as heart diseases and problems of lung, brain or kidneys. Over 15 years of experience in healthcare. Diagnose disease causes, symptoms and likely progression based on patient histories, examinations and diagnostic testing. Diligent about addressing every need with conscientious and detail-oriented approach. Offering 10+ years of medical experience and passion for helping patients improve health and wellness.

Years of Experience

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Bsc Degree Psychology

Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with focus family counseling, substance abuse.

Master Of Science Family Counseling

Specialized in family counseling and holds and MS in Family Counseling

Master In Psychoanalysis

The Master of Arts in Psychoanalytic Studies provides a solid foundation in psychoanalytic theory. The program included historical and contemporary perspectives on human development, psychological health and psychopathology, and therapeutic applications of psychoanalysis.



10years Experience
Family Counseling

Helping families build successful relationships, navigate stressful situations and develop healthy boundaies.

15years Experience
Substance Abuse

Help adults and young adults and the youth in dealing substance abuse issues

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